How much does it cost?

Contact us for pricing as prices depend on several factors including location, size of property, and the amount of staging needed but packages start under $300.


Do I have to download anything for the 3D Portal to work?

Probably not, the portal works off a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics and 2D graphics called “WebGl” within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. As long as you are using a compatible web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) you should not have an issue. To check to see if your current browser is compatible with WebGl click here.


I am having other portal related issues, can you help?

We pay a 3rd party to host our 3D models via the portal. For support with portal related issues click here.


How much time does it take to scan?

Typically a 3D scan takes from 1-2 hours depending on the size of the house when empty.  If we have to move your laundry from room to room to hide it from the scanner it takes more time (and costs more).  Expect to add another hour if you are getting photos or video.


How much turn around time until I can see the final product?

3D Portal access can usually be delivered within 5 hours of finishing the scan.  Photos and video typically within 1-2 business days.


How is the product delivered?

For both the 3D portal and the videos we will share link that you can just copy paste into any website including MLS for the virtual tour.  We suggest though that you use this link to take users to your or site so they can see more of your properties.  Because of this we will host your models and videos at ALX3Ddesings.com as well unless asked not to.   We can also provide you with the actual video files and pictures delivered via Google drive.

Can you do a scan outside?

In order to do an outdoor scan the conditions have to be perfect. Enough light to see what’s going on but no direct light on the scanner. Sunset, Sunrise, and very overcast days are the only times that will work. Night scans with artificial lighting will work ok.


MLS requires that a video be unbranded but I want one for my website with my info on it.

We got you covered.  Every package includes an unbranded video but the Plus and Pro packages give you a branded one as well.


I want the 3D model to use with my 3D program.  Can I buy it?

Yes, contact us for details.


How are payments made?

Right now we accept Square Cash (preferred), Credit cards, or Check.  We are in the process of adding paypal to this list.


Where are you located?

Our home operations are based out of Lubbock Texas but we are constantly expanding to other markets and can travel.  Contact us for availability.


Do you scan for other fields besides real estate?



Do you offer just photos or video of a property or do I have to get a 3D scan?

We can do it the old fashion way if that is what you what.


What do I need to do prepare for a scan?

You need to visit this page.