Prepare for a 3D scan.

Some tips to prepare your home for 3D scanning.


HIDE ALL OF YOUR STUFF BEFORE WE GET THERE — Save us time and you money by having your home ready to go before we get there.  We have found that the actual scanning takes very little time if the house is empty but when a house is occupied the vast majority of the time is spent moving stuff around and hiding it from the scanner.


Once the scanner sees something it has to stay that way —  If we start in your kitchen and the scanner can sees a moving box in your living room then the box has to stay in the same spot.  If you move the box after the scanner has already picked it up in a previous scan it gets very confused and can ruin the scan.  Please plan ahead and follow refer to tip 1.


No Pets – Two reasons. Pets move and can really mess up the scanner by confusing it.   Also pets are a big turn off for most buyers. Take you pets to the park or at least put them in the back yard during the scan. Hide the litter box and the chew toys.


Mirrors – The scanner gets really confused by mirrors. There are ways to limit this confusion with software but it is best not to scan them if possible. Whenever practical take down a wall mirror and place it somewhere out of the scanning area (behind and open door, under the couch, etc.)   When a mirror is unavoidable like a bathroom we can work around it. If your house has a dance studio with wall-to-wall mirrors it is best to cover them with plain white butcher paper.


Remove The Clutter – Anything you leave out will be photographed and also included in the 3D model so clean and straighten wherever possible.  Also be sure not to move anything while a scan takes place. If the scanner sees a water bottle in one scan and then it is moved during another scan it gets confused and can yield very bad results.


Treat it like an open house – When you have guests over you want to make your property look it’s best. This is especially true when preparing for a scan.   Your house could potentially have 1000s of visitor who are scrutinizing each aspect of it to decide if they want to buy it or not. Help make the choice easy for them by showing it off in great shape.


Remove personal items – You love your kids, they are great, but buyers want to envision themselves in the property.  Show them a blank slate they can work with.  Take down anything you don’t want everyone to see.  Do you use a special shampoo for your dandruff that you don’t want everyone to see?  Hide it.  When possible use neutral colors and generic decorations.


Closets –  When we skip a room or a closet it leaves a hole in the model.  Scanning every room and closet is optimal but sometimes that is just not practical.  If you order the Plus, Pro, or Clean 3D packages, a room that is skipped over can be added in (the added room will show up in the 3D floor plan, cutaway views, video, pictures, etc. but cannot be added to the portal).  Please look at this sample video (9 seconds in) to see an example where we skipped over all the closets and an entire room.  Notice the difference between the portal (room and closets missing) and the the 3D floor plan (closets and room added in in grey) views.


Change the light bulbs and leave them on.  Taking a 3D scan is a lot like taking a picture with a very long exposure.  Everything needs to be in one place with consistent internal lighting.  Bright consistent lighting is a good thing. Choose LED or CFL bulbs over incandescent bulbs when possible and leave them on during the entire scan.


Mow the lawn- If exterior photos or video are going to be done invest some time increasing your curb appeal by mowing the lawn, and cleaning up a little bit outside.